Tick Tock - It's Time for Chris Dock!

Minnesota's choice for an independent state auditor.

Why Chris Dock?

 I am running for State Auditor because I feel this office aligns exceptionally well with my background and skills. I am not a politician by trade, but I feel that the office of State Auditor should not be a political position – this role is designed to serve the interests of the people of Minnesota, not the interests of the government or any political party. 

What does the MN State Auditor DO?

Government Spending is a disease.

Chris "Dock Auditor" is the cure!

Most campaign ads show the candidate chatting with people, like farms or factories.  But you never get to hear the actual conversation (because there isn’t one)!  I have spoken with literally thousands of people since my campaign started, because I want to hear people’s perspectives on how government should work.  Here is a sampling of conversations we had with real people recently in Minneapolis.

Do you ever wonder how candidates and their campaign teams decide on the content for their campaign ads?  Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our team’s strategy session for our next video.  I hope you like it!

Hi, I'm Chris Dock, and I want to be your independent state auditor.

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The Platform

Tick Tock

Every candidate for State Auditor is going to say that they will be independent, accountable, and transparent.  But how can someone from one of the major parties truly be independent?

The DFL and GOP control every aspect of government in our state. Shouldn't the State Auditor be someone who is not affiliated with either of the two major parties?  It's time to bring true independence to the office of State Auditor.

Time's Up!

 As State Auditor, my most important responsibility would be to provide fiduciary oversight of government operations on behalf of the taxpayers of Minnesota.  The office of State Auditor does not work for the government, it works for the people.  The State Auditor reviews $20 billion in annual spending, and it would be my responsibility to ensure the taxpayers receive the maximum value for their investment. I would do everything within my authority to aggressively review and analyze all levels of municipal spending to identify areas of waste and inefficiency.  

Vote for Chris Dock

I grew up in Woodbury and graduated from St. Olaf College where I majored in Mathematics and Economics.  Before starting my own firm in 1998, I worked for the accounting and consulting firms of Deloitte & Touche, Watson Wyatt, and Ernst & Young.  I have worked as a technology, Human Resources, and investment consultant for over 30 years, and I have direct skills in the areas required for the office of State Auditor - process, technology, finance, and investments.